Restaurant Security Systems: Doing More Than You Might Think

Chelsea Mitchell Security Resources

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Security systems in restaurants affect more people than you may realize. Aside from the obvious protection provided after the restaurant is closed at night, security systems can detect fires, alert police in the event of an emergency, prevent theft of money or equipment during busy shifts, and more.

Keeping eateries secure from intruders is important to both restaurateurs and the public. From the point of view of the owner, a break-in and theft could be the difference between a profit and bankruptcy. Restaurant owners invest heavily in opening their business, and the loss of equipment, cash, or even secret recipes could be disastrous.

As a consumer, would you want just anyone off the street to have access to the kitchens at your favorite restaurant? A break-in poses many health risks to diners, including kitchen accessibility for bugs and vermin through open entry points and broken glass near dining areas.

Aside from the issue of break-ins, a restaurant security system can also be a real lifesaver for employees and patrons. Fire detection and monitoring will alert the authorities at the first threat of smoke, possibly even before anyone notices what is happening. Emergency alert buttons can draw immediate police response in the event of a violent situation or medical emergency, without the need for cellphone reception or being near a phone.

Most losses at restaurants and retail stores occurs during the day. Restaurant owners can deter theft and vandalism by installing indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. In the event of a loss (or suspected loss) the footage is available as proof.

Restaurant security is something that affects not only restaurant owners and workers, but anyone who eats out. Next time you’re at a restaurant, be sure to look for security decals on the doors and windows as well as a valid alarm permit notice. If you own a restaurant, make sure that your security system either self-tests or is tested by a technician frequently and that all employees who arm and disarm the system are well-trained on its use in order to prevent false alarms.