School Security System Stops Sunrise Snacker

Chelsea Mitchell Arrests & Apprehensions

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assorted snacks

Kris Etheridge, an Operator in our Verification Center since 2007, detected a school intruder helping himself to a pre-dawn snack on Monday. At 3:13 a.m., Kris received audio alarm activations from a public elementary school in Granite Falls, Wash. She heard rustling sounds and movement and dispatched Granite Falls police. She continued hearing rustling through items – until she heard the officers make the apprehension. One male was taken in custody. He appears to have gotten in through an unsecured window and was helping himself to an “honor jar” of snacks.

School alarm systems are one of our security specialties. Earlier this month, we received the following letter of recommendation by the Everett School District, explaining how they actually saved money with Sonitrol Pacific compared with the “cheaper” alternative. See it for yourself!