A Night at the Museum: Sonitrol Pacific Style

Chelsea Mitchell Security Resources

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Jeff LaMont, a swing shift supervisor in our Verification Center, dispatched Seattle police to a Sonitrol Pacific-protected museum on November 9 after an audio-impact alarm with audio detection was tripped and allowed him to hear a loud crashing noise coming from the western part of the museum office. As he was dispatching, Jeff received another alarm from a studio door. He called the emergency contact for the site, and later got word that the police had apprehended one person inside the museum.

If the museum from the movie had a Sonitrol Pacific system, it would have been a VERY short movie.

If the museum from the movie had a Sonitrol Pacific system, it would have been a VERY short movie.

Museums across the Pacific Northwest trust Sonitrol Pacific’s security solutions and security services to keep their valuable pieces secure from thieves, vandals and environmental threats like fires, flooding and extreme temperatures. Because we provide local, in-house monitoring for each of our accounts, we become familiar with each customer and the spaces they need secured. That’s especially important for museums because of the sensitivity and vulnerability of the collections inside. We can provide detailed security solutions that other security companies don’t, like sensors on individual cases or frames and humidity sensors for each exhibit. Our expert monitoring means that there will only be seconds between a perceived threat occurring and a trained operator being able to hear, see or monitor what is actually going on. That speed and reliability means less loss and more security for beloved museums.

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