We Value People

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Remember Janet’s earlier blog about how much she loves her job? Well, she’s back with more reason than ever to appreciate being part of the Sonitrol Pacific team. **By Janet Pucik, Accounts Payable** Recently I was in an auto accident after work and had to go to the emergency room.  When I called into work to let my boss know … Read More

Customer Testimonial: Medosweet Farms

Chelsea MitchellTestimonials & Referrals

November 6, 2012 Dear Marla, I would like to thank you and Sonitrol Pacific for providing excellent service over the years; your timely recommendations have been very helpful in staying up to date with services that are provided through Sonitrol. Please feel free to have any of your customers or potential customers contact me personally so I can offer Medosweet … Read More

I Love My Job And Love What I Do

Chelsea MitchellTestimonials & Referrals

**By Janet Pucik, Accounts Payable** I was thinking this morning during our quarterly meeting about how those who are fortunate enough to work for Sound Security Inc. (doing business as Sonitrol Pacific) and who get to see and hear about all of the great things this company can do and does do.  As employees, we hear about how far as … Read More

Customer Testimonial: Wanker's Country Store

Chelsea MitchellTestimonials & Referrals

*From a new Sonitrol Pacific customer* I am the owner of Wanker’s Country Store, located in unincorporated Clackamas County.  My business has been burglarized in the past and I am not comfortable operating without a monitored security system.  Recently I was notified by mail with only 4 days notice that the company monitoring my security system would no longer be … Read More

Give Back and Earn Rewards: Sonitrol Pacific’s Referral Program Helps Local Nonprofits and Charities

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Volunteering, giving, spreading the word– how do you give back to your local community? No matter what you do to support the causes you care about, you probably wish you could do more. Sonitrol Pacific recognizes that most of our customers are passionate about more than just their own businesses. That’s why we created a way for current customers to … Read More

Flashback Friday Strikes Again!

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First off, let’s clear some things up: The 80s were a different time. Here at Sonitrol Pacific, we have undeniable proof of that fact– photo albums full of it. Like this one. To set the record straight, our Verification Center has since upgraded to computers. Also, smoking in the office is now frowned upon. Cigarettes or not, our operators have … Read More

Good Stuff Getting Better: Sonitrol Pacific Gives Back to the Community

Chelsea MitchellTestimonials & Referrals

Are you familiar with our Good Stuff Squared (GS2) program? Basically, we LOVE getting referrals for new business. We love it so much that we’ll give current customers $200 for referring a company in need of Sonitrol Pacific’s sound or video security systems AND we’ll donate $200 in your company’s name to the charitable organization of your choice. Want in? … Read More

Promises, passion and pursuing bad guys

Chelsea MitchellTestimonials & Referrals

After more than five years as the Director of Communications for Sound Security, I am saying goodbye.  I’ve been honored by the opportunity to help shape the organization’s voice, promote our Mission and tell our stories. Beau and Deb built their company on a foundation of integrity and respect for customers, employees and the communities we serve.  The security devices … Read More

A homeowner's best friend

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You already know Sonitrol Pacific’s integrated systems and electronic security services are a favorite of businesses, schools and other organizations, but did you know we also protect homes?  We do.  In fact, some of our residential clients have been with us since the company started in the late 70s and we never take for granted the trust they place in … Read More

Just Delicious is sweet on Sonitrol Pacific

Chelsea MitchellTestimonials & Referrals

We are super excited to welcome Just Delicious to our family of clients.  They create uber yummy sugar-free treats and have the highest standards for quality and customer service.  We are so flattered by what they have to say about working with us. “I am a new member to the Sonitrol family. I say family because I have been treated … Read More