Three trespassers? We got ’em!

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Three trespassers? We got 'em!

It was in the middle of the day on Wednesday when our audio verification specialist received loud audio of what sounded like a bang. It was coming from a school in Tacoma. The specialist alerted the school patrol as well as the emergency contact. Two males and one female were on site, ages 14 and 15. All three were arrested … Read More

Fire Prevention Week: Halloween Fire Safety

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Trick or Treat

Jack-o’-Lanterns, trick or treater’s, hay bales, cornstalks and ghosts. These are just some aspects of Halloween that add up to what is sure to be a decorative and howling good time. But what if the proper precautions aren’t taken for fire safety? It’s often overlooked during this spooky time of year. Check out our tips below to ensure you have … Read More

Fire Prevention Week: Fire Escape Plan

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Smoke Detector

The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) reports that because fires can spread so rapidly in your home, it could leave you as little as two minutes to escape safely. When a fire starts, it grows in size very quickly and makes it easy to inhale smoke which can be deadly. Discussing the possibilities of a fire in your home is … Read More

Tip Tuesday: A Guide to Smoke Detectors

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Smoke Detector Installation

“Don’t wait, check the date!” That’s the theme for this year’s Fire Prevention Week, sponsored by the National Fire Prevention Association. The focus is on educating the public on the importance of updating your smoke alarms every 10 years from the manufacturing date. It’s safe to say that homeowners would collectively agree that smoke detectors are crucial to protecting their … Read More

Fire Prevention Week: The Beginning

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Fire Prevention Week

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Fire Prevention Week or maybe you’re interested in learning more. Fire Prevention Week began to memorialize the Great Chicago Fire which tragically occurred in 1871. It left 100,000 homeless, killed more than 250 people, burned more than 2,000 acres and destroyed more than 17,400 structures. It started on October 8 and burned well through the … Read More

Beware of Door Knockers

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Door Knockers

The reputation of a door knocker is not a positive one: pushy, obnoxious and deceptive are just a few of the ways people describe them. Nor will they take no for an answer. Not only are some trying to sell services but others are attempting to use it as a way to break into your home or at least scope … Read More

Seven Ways Protect Your Rental Property

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Home Security

Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and others like it are all popular vacation rental platforms. So maybe you’re thinking about renting out your house, apartment, loft or condo on one of these sites? It’s a great way to make a little extra money and can be a great experience if you take the necessary safety measures. No matter the property, we’ve got … Read More

Tip Tuesday: What to Do If Your Package Has Been Stolen

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Tip Tuesday: What to Do If Your Package has Been Stolen

We’ve previously reviewed how you can put a stop to package thieves, but what if those tips didn’t work for you and your package was in fact stolen? It could be one of two things. One, the company who shipped your package did not actually deliver it like they said. Or, someone did steal it from your front door. Neither … Read More