Three Apprehended at Medical Office Over the Weekend

Sonitrol Pacific Security Resources

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An operator was monitoring Saturday evening when she received an alarm signal from the employee entry porch of a medical office in Everett, which was also broken into just a few weeks ago. She could see two males and one female walk towards the camera. The woman was wearing a hoodie and jeans with the hood pulled up over her hair. One male was wearing a white hoodie and jeans and the other was wearing a grey hoodie and jeans. It also looked like the female was going to grab the camera.

The operator then called security but the guard was not yet on duty so she dispatched the Everett Police Department. The three looked like they would be hanging out on the porch for a while. Our operator reached out to the emergency contact and left a message.

Police called back to say that all three were caught and at least one was being arrested.

Check out the footage below!