The Ultimate Security Solution in Washington, Oregon & Idaho

Our combination of security experience, unique audio verification technology and commitment to customer service makes Sonitrol Pacific the leader in electronic security. Schedule a FREE Security Assessment to learn more about our tailored security systems for your business or home.

Industry Solutions

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The Sonitrol Pacific Guarantee

Our commercial and home security systems come with a “Commitment to Service” guarantee that’s backed by the best technology, professionalism and people in the industry. We are confident no one else can do what we do.

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Commercial Security Systems

Sonitrol Pacific offers a complete line of commercial security systems tailored to businesses. Our packages include intrusion detection, video surveillance, managed access and fire detection, backed by our audio and video verification technology. Our modular security services can be used individually, or blended into a single, easy-to-use system backed by our performance, satisfaction, and service guarantees.

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Verified Electronic Security

Sonitrol Pacific’s verified security solutions provide proven results. Our SonaVision™ video services make it possible to see what’s going on at your facility—any time of day or night. Unlike a traditional burglar alarm with motion sensors that only detect what is right in front of them, Sonitrol Pacific’s intrusion prevention uses audio sensor technology that allow dispatchers to assess the event quickly and accurately. We deliver true peace of mind.

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Alarm Verification with Sonitrol Pacific

When your commercial or home security alarm goes off, you want to know it’s real—and so do the police. Many cities have established standards for confirming a break-in is real before dispatching officers. Verifying alarm signals is what we do best, and it’s the core of our business.

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    Expert monitors

    Experts verify every alarm before we call the police, using our technology to hear and see what is actually happening.

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    Video surveillance provides the most accurate view of your facility.

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    Audio sensor technology

    Our audio sensors provide floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall coverage.

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    Faster police response

    Armed with more detailed information, the police are able to respond more quickly than with traditional alarm companies.

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