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Sonitrol Pacific Integrated Security

You get our best every time. When you have security designed, installed, monitored and serviced by Sonitrol Pacific, you'll stay with Sonitrol Pacific. Our average client partnership is longer than 12 years. We protect organizations across the Pacific Northwest with security systems, surveillance cameras, controlled access and fire monitoring and provide exceptional customer service. View our featured clients for a hint of the variety of locations we protect.

Detection systems and cameras that meet today's security challenges

Since 1978, Sonitrol Pacific has delivered security with quality service and unparalleled performance for businesses, schools, government facilities and homes in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Boise. Clients choose Sonitrol Pacific because they want integrated security that gives their organization 100 percent coverage, not the 20-30 percent coverage of traditional burglar alarms. 

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Your security challenges have changed. Our systems meet the needs of businesses confronting today's threats. Criminals understand how traditional alarms work. One out of four forced entries nationally is by means other than doors and windows, circumventing conventional perimeter protection. Sonitrol Pacific's audio sensors provide complete coverage for a facility and our operators are expert sound analysts who can often detect threatening activity before someone gets inside. Our systems catch criminals.

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Custom security system design

Our experts design, install, service and monitor security systems customized to meet your individual needs. From massive distribution warehouses to coffee huts, from urban high schools to remote state parks, from multi-storied, multi-tenant commerce buildings to single family homes, our customized approach has you covered.
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Whether you want to improve your Portland business security with an intrusion detection alarm or upgrade your office security with a video surveillance system in Everett.

Read what a few of our clients say about our service or visit on of our Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Boise locations to contact us with questions.