School Burglary Thwarted

Sonitrol Pacific School Alarms and Security

Special Thanks To: Everett Police Department
Location: A Middle School

Listen to an excerpt of security audio from this incident, WARNING: some language may be offensive.


Audio security, K9 unit catch school intruders

Audio security sensors detected sounds of glass breaking and voices leading a Sonitrol Pacific operator to alert police to a burglary in progress at a Washington middle school. After midnight, Operator Kris Etheridge received security system activations from a science classroom in the school. She heard what sounded like glass breaking and other crashing noises and called police. While on the phone with the dispatcher, Etheridge heard people talking and let police know live audio indicated two men were inside the school. Police arrived at the school in minutes and used a police dog to track down the two suspected burglars. Both men were taken into custody. Due to the sensitivity of Sonitrol Pacific’s audio based security system, the two suspects could be heard talking about one of the men getting cut by broken glass, discussing what items to take and the need to flee when police arrive.