Listen To Actual Break Ins

Sonitrol Pacific Audio Security in Action

Audio verification sensors are amazing. Our monitoring experts use this technology to hear what's happening at your facility in real-time and call police with a verified alarm. You can listen to a few criminal incidents that led to apprehensions.


CHC Everett Pharmacy

Audio security catches burglars inside CHC Everett Pharmacy.Live security audio of a burglary in progress at an Everett pharmacy allowed police to arrest two suspects and recover stolen drugs.

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Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville

Security audio of an incident at Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville. Deputies arrested one man and charged him with felony vandalism after Sonitrol Pacific's audio security system inside a car dealership detected the man outside on the car lot.

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School Burglary Thwarted

WARNING: Offensive language.Listen to security audio from a break-in at a Washington school. Audio security sensors detected sounds of glass breaking and voices leading a Sonitrol Pacific operator to alert police to a burglary in progress at a Washington middle school.

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Another School Burglary Stopped Cold

Hear the conversation between two young trespassersat a Portland area school. Police detained two juveniles, then later released them to their parents' custody after Sonitrol Pacific audio security sensors detected the two inside a Portland area school.

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Crazy Beans Espresso

Security audio from a break-in at Crazy Beans Espresso. Seattle Police arrested one suspected burglar who told officers he broke in looking for donuts.

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Church Security at Hope Foursquare

Hope Foursquare Church break-inSnohomish County Sheriff's deputies arrested two suspected burglars.

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Sonitrol Pacific Protects Adidas

Security Audio from Adidas - Edmonton burglary and arrest. For complete details, read the letter from Adidas (below).

Security Audio from the Salvation Army

Hear a Sonitrol Pacific Verification Center operator follow procedures in this recording of a silent audio alarm activation at the Salvation Army. The operator contacts the police dispatcher and notifies the customer contact on what is transpiring in the facility. You can hear the well informed police K-9 unit arrive on the scene and call out to the intruder "Open the door, let me see your hands!"

Security Audio from the Formal Shop

This individual was in for quite a surprise as the police show up to apprehend him stealing from this retail establishment. After the apprehension the police officer shouts toward the Sonitrol audio sensor, "Sonitrol you do a great job!"

Security Audio from Walker Real Estate

The Sonitrol Pacific operator received an audio alarm activation of rifling, banging and knocking sounds coming from the real estate business and the voices of at least two individuals inside the facility. You can hear the distant traffic driving outside as the rummaging noises continue. The unsuspecting intruders realize too late that they have been discovered as the police arrive and apprehend them.

Our 5000th Arrest

Sonitrol Pacific earned our 5,000th apprehension with the arrest of three suspected burglars by Portland Police December 6, 2008. You'll hear banging noises as the suspects break-in through the roof, then police arrive. At the end, you'll hear police talking while a K-9 unit clears the building. They talk about the effectiveness of our security and their response to calls from Sonitrol Pacific.

Security Audio from Snack Lion

Listen to a humorous recording of several teenagers who had gained entry to this facility and were preparing to leave with bags of coins and master keys for vending machines. They try to talk their way out of trouble but the officer, knowing that a Sonitrol system is in place, quickly corrects their misrepresentation of the facts.

Security Audio from Towaco Manufacturing

A break-in took place through a window at Towaco Manufacturing. Sonitrol Pacific verified the audio signal and immediately contacted the police dispatcher. Conversation can be heard between two individuals inside the facility as one individual shouts "I found a hundred dollars!" As the police K-9 unit arrives on the scene, sounds of dogs barking can be heard while the police apprehend the intruders.

Security Audio from a School Break-in

December 23, 2008, sheriff's deputies caught to intruders at a Washington elementary school. Sonitrol Pacific's audio sensors recorded everything the two suspects said from the time they activated the security system until they were arrested. At one point, the man says he’s afraid the school's security system will send police and the woman tells him the school must not have a system since no alarm sounded. About 10 seconds later, police arrive and yell for the two to get on the ground. Please note, some language may be considered offensive. Read details of this incident.

The MAC Store Security

Security Audio from the Computer Store (now The MAC Store) A classic example of the value of Sonitrol Pacific's exclusive audio detection and verification: the first part of the recording captures the perpetrators who had scaled an adjoining wall from a neighboring business to gain entry as they discuss their get away plans and then leave the premise. The second part is the police discussing the incident with our client. Note the comments "I love Sonitrol" and "It's so nice to catch these guys" made by the officer!

More Church Security

Security Audio from the Little White Church on the Hill Break-in. Members of the Stanwood Police Department and the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department took five suspects into custody after Sonitrol Pacific's operators heard noises indicating an attempted break-in in progress. The suspects actually broke into an area of the church that isn't secured by Sonitrol Pacific, but the audio sensors detected them anyway. At the end of the clip, you'll hear one officer say, "Sonitrol is the alarm system we like." And a second officer respond, "Yeah, this is the best alarm system money can buy."

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