Sonitrol in Action

Sonitrol Pacific Security Detects Criminals

Sonitrol Pacific has developed our security system using their audio detection technology, which protects 100% of our facility. The uniqueness of the Sonitrol system allows our employees to feel safer when they come to work…Sonitrol Pacific really does deliver and we look forward to a long business partnership with them.
– M. Dulce Frial
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Like you, we want safer communities. Detection of criminal activity by our security systems have assisted police in catching more than 5,900 burglars, vandals and trespassers since 1978. Our security systems are designed for the earliest possible detection of break-ins. Sonitrol Pacific monitoring operators often know about threats before a suspect even gets inside. Hear audio security in action.

In 2013, 146 suspected burglars, vandals, trespassers and robbers were caught locally due to a Sonitrol Pacific security system.

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Our record says it all

Developed by Al Cronk, a police officer frustrated at having never caught a criminal from an alarm system, Sonitrol's audio detection technology protects unlike any other system. Sonitrol's national network of security providers has assisted law enforcement in the apprehension of more than 168,000 criminals nationally since record keeping began in 1977.

Security monitoring experts

Our security monitoring operators analyze sound from audio sensors to keep our false alarm rate low and our arrest rate high. When they get an alarm, operators listen to live audio streaming from your building. Although the alarm is activated, criminals are not alerted and operators immediately call police. Early detection of break-ins allows police to arrive before intruders or would-be intruders even know they've been detected. Our operators continue to monitor activity while law enforcement officials are en route and provide officers with accurate, real-time intelligence.