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2221 California Street
98201 Everett, WA

Office phone: (425) 258-3655
General Manager Joe Bullis, (425) 258-3655

Monitoring Center- (425) 258-3571

  • To cancel an alarm
  • To request reports
  • To add and/or delete employees
  • To let us know you will turn on your system later than normal or not at all
  • For any needs related to the monitoring of your system

General Inquiries- (425) 258-3655

  • For a Security Consultant
  • For a Customer Service Representative
  • For a request for service
  • For a member of our management team

Protecting the Everett community since 1978, Sonitrol Pacific is the Northwest’s largest independently owned electronic security company. We offer verified security systems, access control services, camera security and monitoring, and fire system monitoring.

When your security system activates, a Sonitrol Pacific operator in our monitoring center listens to what’s happening live inside your building and determines the cause. If a threat is confirmed, or verified, the operator calls police. If something like the noise of an HVAC unit kicking on or someone accidentally setting the alarm off, the operator can reset the system remotely. All this is done without having to disturb you.

Want to see our expert operators in action? We’d love to give you a tour of our state-of-the-art monitoring center. Call to schedule a tour today, (425) 258-3655 or (800) 898-1899.

Police and sheriff’s deputies know when they get a call from Sonitrol Pacific, it’s a real emergency and not a false alarm. Since about 98 percent of burglar alarms are false alarms, police appreciate confirmation of real threats through verified alarms. Statistically, officers respond faster to verified alarms. Police get to your business faster and catch more criminals. More than 5,800 suspects have been caught after Sonitrol Pacific detected them.

We care about helping police get criminals off the streets because we live here too. With early and verified detection of threats, Sonitrol Pacific's security systems help police catch suspects.

Verifying alarms accurately is a very specialized skill that requires extensive training and practice. Our monitoring operators are experts at both audio and video verification. You’ll enjoy the benefits of our experienced team, unique verification technology and company-wide commitment to excellent customer service.

Call (800) 934-9304 for Sonitrol Pacific’s Accounting Department