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3657 W Wright Street
Boise, ID 83705
General Manager: Bill Lewis, (208) 426-9367

Monitoring Center-  (208) 426-9925

  • To cancel an alarm
  • To request reports
  • To add and/or delete employees
  • To let us know you will turn on your system later than normal or not at all
  • For any needs related to the monitoring of your system

General Inquiries- (208) 426-9367

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  • For a member of our management team

Sonitrol Pacific has secured Boise businesses, schools and homes since 1999. We’re active members of the Treasure Valley community and proudly give personal attention to our neighbors’ residential and Boise commercial electronic security needs. We provide a full suite of security solutions including keyless entry systems, intrusion detection systems, and video surveillance. We customize our security options for the unique needs of each of the industries we serve.

As Boise’s exclusive provider of verified audio security, our sound activated sensors give your building coverage from wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling. Our “Commitment to Service” warranty makes partnering with Sonitrol Pacific for your security needs risk-free. This promise includes:

  • $10,000 performance warranty
  • Full equipment and labor warranty
  • An emergency service guarantee
  • A false alarm fine guarantee
  • A six month satisfaction guarantee

You want local security monitoring. We deliver. All our clients' systems are monitored in Everett, Wash. at our UL certified central station. Sonitrol Pacific operators use audio or video technology to confirm, or verify, an alarm is real. Alarm verification means faster police response time, more criminals arrested and fewer false alarms. A security system designed, installed, monitored and serviced by Sonitrol Pacific makes for a better bottom line.

You deserve a better security system. We give it to you. You get complete guarantees from our "Commitment to Service"; police respond quickly to Sonitrol Pacific detections and dispatches, and arrest burglars; and you enjoy 24/7 live service and support from experts.

Like you, we're focused on crime prevention in the Treasure Valley area. Our quality Boise commercial alarm services allow for early and verified detection of criminal activity and helps police to catch criminals and get them off the streets. Our security systems are designed for the earliest possible detection of break-ins. Sonitrol Pacific monitoring operators often know about threats before a suspect even gets inside. In 2013, 146 suspected burglars, vandals and trespassers were arrested in the Pacific Northwest due to a Sonitrol Pacific security system.

Developed by Al Cronk, a police officer frustrated at having never caught a criminal from an alarm system, Sonitrol’s audio sensor technology protects like nothing else. Sensors "hear" a threat and then our expert monitoring operators determine if it's real or a false alarm. If a crime is in progress, police are called. If it's a false alarm, the system is reset remotely.

By analyzing sound from audio sensors, Sonitrol Pacific works to keep our false alarm rate low and our arrest rate high. When your security system is activated, operators listen to live audio streaming from your building. Although we know they're there, criminals don't know they've been detected. Early detection of break-ins allows police to arrive before intruders or would-be intruders even know they’ve been detected. Our operators continue to monitor activity while law enforcement officials are en route and provide officers with accurate, real-time intelligence.

We’ve worked with many organizations to install quality Boise intrusion detection systems that work. Our relationship with each of our customers and unique and our goal is always to provide video and audio surveillance security that prevents loss and damage. 

Call (800) 934-9304 for Sonitrol Pacific's Accounting Department.