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IMG_20140616_113308We are experiencing lots of growth and have a wide range of positions open.

1. Operator- (Everett, WA) Operators monitor our accounts to keep customers protected. They are responsible for verifying alarm signals and dispatching law enforcement when needed. Day shift and swing shift operators also handle a high volume of incoming customer service calls.

2. Schools Customer Service Representative- (Everett, WA) This is a field customer service position working directly with our school clients in the north Puget Sound. Schools require frequent training, user changes, schedule updates and device upgrades. The CSR responsible for schools will manage all aspects of keeping our school customers up to date.

3. Branch/Sales Manager- This is a new position in our Tacoma office. This person will be responsible for growing and leading the sales team in the Tacoma office, as well as managing the small branch staff. Candidates must have management experience.

4. Security Consultants- (All Offices) Security Consultants work hard every day to land new business opportunities and close deals. They generate new leads and custom design comprehensive security systems for prospective clients.

For more about all of these positions, visit our Jobs page.



Sonitrol Pacific Recognizes Officers After School Arrests

On the left is Joe Bullis, VP of Operations, next to members of the Stanwood Police Department. Kerry Goodwin, our Director of School Security in the Puget Sound, joined Joe to recognize the officers after a pair of arrests at a local middle school school in June. We presented the officers who were involved in the arrests with certificates commending them for a job well done.

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Police Stop Pot Shop Pilfering


Do you think the stolen pot brownies were for resale or to celebrate after the burglary?

Kris, an Operator in our Verification Center, received crashing sounds of breaking glass and voices at 420 Club/Mile High Green Magic in Tacoma at 3:30 this morning. She dispatched Tacoma PD and continued hearing lots of movement, followed by more alarm activity. The suspects kicked in the front door and then ran away to see if anything happened with the alarm (a common burglar strategy). Our verified alarm system is silent, so they didn’t hear a siren and assumed that the business did not have security. They entered the building and dumped out the garbage bins to pull the trash bags out of them. They then loaded up on merchandise and stole a laptop. While they were inside, the police surrounded the building. When the suspects walked out, the police apprehended three of the four (the fourth was able to run away).  45g of marijuana, two pot brownies and various infused products were recovered along with the laptop.

We protect a number of similar businesses throughout the Puget Sound, so it’s especially exciting to see all of the stolen goods recovered and all but one of the suspects caught.


Now Hiring: Branch/Sales Manager in Tacoma

Sonitrol Pacific, the Pacific Northwest leader in verified electronic security systems, has an immediate opening for a Branch/Sales Manager for the South Puget Sound, based out of our Tacoma office.

Candidates must have 2-3 years in a Branch Management/Sales Management role as well as an established track record of effectively growing and leading others. Responsibilities include managing, retaining, and challenging a small branch staff as well leading and growing the outside sales team in our Tacoma office. As a Branch/Sales Manager, you would coach outside sales reps (primarily focusing on business-to-business sales), recruit new talent and drive your team to exceed monthly quotas.

tacomaSonitrol Pacific offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package including medical, dental, life, disability and 401(k). For immediate and confidential consideration, please call Jim Payne at 253.383.5051 for more information or apply by emailing your resume and cover letter to

Sonitrol Pacific employees enjoy a growth-oriented and entrepreneurial culture, as well as the stability that comes with being part of the largest independently owned electronic security company in the Northwest.

The Branch/Sales Manager will be expected to drive frequently in the Puget Sound area. This position is salaried and offers opportunities for career growth. Sonitrol Pacific is an EEO employer.



Carjacking Pharmary Robber Behind Bars

untitledA violent criminal who held up a Sonitrol Pacific customer in Des Moines, WA and carjacked a woman in Seattle is now in custody

Stephany dispatched police on a hold up alarm at Des Moines Drug on July 2. She could hear yelling and cursing during the robbery. Unfortunately, the police did not arrive in time, but Stephany could hear a woman describing the suspect to officers over the phone. As it turns out, the same suspect also carjacked a woman in Seattle four hours earlier. The victim was sitting in her car when the suspect approached her with a butcher knife and forced her from her car. He then stole the car and sped away.

Washington’s Most Wanted publicized the cases and CrimeStoppers offered a cash reward for tips on finding him. Last night, Seattle Police found and arrested him.


School Burglar Leads Police on a Chase

Jeff, an Operator our Verification Center, was notified of door alarms at an elementary school in Tacoma at 9 p.m. last night. He could hear movement inside and notified the patrol guard. The guard was in a different part of the district and requested a police dispatch. As he was dispatching the police, Jeff received more alarms from the doors and motion detectors inside. The officers arrived and the dispatcher let Jeff know that the suspect was on the run. Fortunately, the chase didn’t last long before the police apprehended the suspect, who had gained entry to the school through a window.

Curious about the way we do school security systems? Let us show you how we’re different.

poice badge




Protecting the Power | Break-in at at a Tacoma Power Company

Centennial Trail - power lines 01

Ashley was monitoring accounts on Sunday morning in our Verification Center when she received video alarms from the fence at a power company in Tacoma. She could see an individual at the back of the yard prowling between vehicles. As the suspect moved around, Ashley got a better look at him and she could see that he was wearing a brown shirt, dark pants and a ball cap and he was looking into the cargo areas of the work trucks. She dispatched the police, who arrived to the scene and arrested the individual for burglary. The suspect gained entry to the facility by going over the fence. Security for municipal buildings and utility providers is critical for protecting valuable community resources.

This is not the first time we’ve stopped a burglary in progress at a power company — just last fall, there was a string of four arrests over a three week period at a Portland power company.



A Short Performance for Auditorium Intruders

800px-NeiHu_High_School_AuditoriumOperator Michelle Hoffman was monitoring accounts on Friday when she received an alarm on the auditorium storage area of a public high school in Snoqualmie. Listening with the school’s audio verification technology, she didn’t hear anything at first and called the night custodian, who did not answer. Michelle dispatched Issaquah PD. After the police arrived, Michelle received an alarm on the kitchen door and could hear the officer yell “stop!” Three individuals were arrested.