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Want a better burglar alarm? Start with a better security company. People like you trust our security systems to protect their employees and property. Our clients best describe what it's like to partner with Sonitrol Pacific for security services. Click on a logo below to read that organization's testimonial and reference letter.

Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Federal Employees Credit Union

Sonitrol Pacific has developed our security system using their audio detection technology, which protects 100% of our facility. The uniqueness of the Sonitrol system allows our employees to feel safer when they come to work…Sonitrol Pacific really does deliver and we look forward to a long business partnership with them.
– M. Dulce Frial

Harley Davidson of Seattle

Someone from Sonitrol Pacific comes out to meet with me regularly to make sure our security is up-to-date and working correctly. Their attention to detail lets me focus on other things. I know I can trust them to protect the store and I highly recommend Sonitrol Pacific to any business owner.
– Transport Manager

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

As part of our Sonitrol Pacific monthly investment, service and maintenance on our systems have been included. Sonitrol Pacific has maintained a commitment to have same day or next day service on site when needed, and also provides on call service techs at all hours for emergency situations.
– Greg Perry, Operations Manager

John C. Radovich Development Company

The Sonitrol Pacific staff joined us as part of our team deciding how our security should be set for each individual building. This is a valuable service which alleviates our employees from receiving unwarranted calls after building hours…With Sonitrol Pacific you really do get more than you paid for.
– Karen O’Farrell, Property Manager


We have always felt well protected with Sonitrol Pacific and whenever there have been any issues Sonitrol Pacific has always stepped up to the plate and provided great service.
– Neil Hunt, Manager Materials Recover/Wood Working

College Food Mart

The Mount Vernon police just recently caught a burglar trying to get into my store through the roof and I know no other company would have been able to send police in time to catch him. As a business owner, I’m confident that choosing Sonitrol Pacific was a wise investment and I would recommend Sonitrol Pacific to anyone looking for the best value in a security system.
– Jin Lee, Owner, College Food Mart

Xtreme Car Audio & Tint of Kent

In an industry with small high value items, it is easy to lose a lot in a very small amount of time. I am thrilled to have a security company that has saved me and my predecessor from five break-ins. Through it all we have lost no merchandise.
– Simon Chi, Owner

JSH Properties

Sonitrol Pacific makes sure that my building is secure at night with their access control and intrusion and that it unlocks in the morning on-time. All three services that they provide for me integrate seamlessly and help to save time and money. If you’re looking for a security company that can help you manage your time and a multi-tenant building I would highly recommend Sonitrol Pacific.
– Terri Paller, Property Manager

Amy Norman, Dentist

I particularly like Sonitrol Pacific’s ability to verify alarms. They have a 30 year relationship with the Everett Police and I know officers respond quickly to calls from Sonitrol Pacific. I recommend Sonitrol Pacific to any dental care provider interested in getting the best return on their investment in electronic security.
– Amy Norman

Tacoma Residence

Sonitrol Pacific has made me feel so much safer over the years. I live alone, have had Sonitrol Pacific as my security company since 1996, and I make sure that people who might have access to my house know that “Sonitrol is listening” and that they’re local. It really puts people off – which is my goal! I wouldn’t do without Sonitrol Pacific in my home. They’re worth every penny.
– Residential client

WorkSource Renton

I have been very happy with how quickly the changes are made. I simply send an e-mail to the data center in Everett when I need cards added or deleted or access levels changes. It is amazing how quickly I get a response saying my changes were completed…I would definitely recommend Sonitrol Pacific to anyone who is looking for a working access control solution.
– Nancy Loverin, Manager

Des Moines Drugs

Sonitrol Pacific is more than just an alarm company that sells a product. They really do stand behind it…From making sure our system works properly with preventative maintenance calls to our friendly customer service representative coming out to test out panic buttons Sonitrol Pacific has partnered with us in all our security efforts.
– Lisa Malmo, Owner/Buyer

Conco Companies

Sonitrol Pacific has not only provided us with a security system that works, but also with the support needed to make sure it continues to be as effective as possible.
– Barry Youngman, Dispatch Superintendent

Signature Mobile Bottles Inc.

All in all, we know we have peace of mind at night leaving the facility in the hands of Sonitrol Pacific. We would gladly recommend your company
– Marcelle Richmond, VP Operations

Seattle Radiator Works

Sonitrol Pacific has coupled an outstanding security system with top notch service. Their operators are friendly and knowledgeable…All in all the service is amazing.
– Lou White, Owner

Point West Credit Union

Kris, the Sonitrol Pacific Operator handled the situation quickly and professionally; she expertly detected the sounds of someone outside the building trying to get inside and promptly dispatched police…We have been pleased with the sound technology that Sonitrol Pacific provides and we have peace of mind knowing our facility is protected by the best system available.
– Teri Robinson, VP of Operations

Fischer Plumbing

Another Sonitrol Pacific customer told me about your audio security system and I thought the ability to hear what was going on inside the business could work…About a month later, someone broke in again. This time we had a system that worked and the guy was caught.
– Daryl Miller, Owner

B & I Check Cashing

When I opened this business in 2001, I went looking for Sonitrol Pacific because I knew no other system had a higher apprehension rate, no other security company has a lower false alarm rate, and no other system has the respect of the police like Sonitrol Pacific.
– Harry Newman, Secretary/Treasurer

Hollywood Market

Within the first year, they assisted the Boise Police in catching three criminals in a smash and grab break-in. The officers reported that it was Sonitrol’s verified information…I believe feeling safe and secure is the greatest gift Sonitrol Pacific provides me.
– Margaret Lawrence

Pacific Water Gardens

I feel taken care of and I am able to sleep at night knowing that I have the Sonitrol system and the Sonitrol Pacific team taking care of my business. I know I can trust them to protect my employees during the day and the store after hours. We always recommend Sonitrol to business associates and friends.
– Pamela Lucht, Owner

OST Partnership

The officers that responded made it a point to come and thank me for having a Sonitrol silent alarm system because of the benefit to them. They said silent technology gives them the valuable time they need to catch criminals in the act…I can confidently recommend Sonitrol Pacific due to their superior product and outstanding level of service.
– Barry Ohai, President

CrossRoads Business Development Inc.

We installed a commercial electronic security system in our building in 2002…We are happy to recommend and refer Sonitrol Pacific to anyone who is thinking about a security system - they are great at helping you understand the process, the system, and everything you need to know to get an effective and efficient system up and going.
– Jim & Joan Stephens, Owners

Ricketts and Associates, Inc.

Since signing up with Sonitrol Pacific 2 years ago, we have had no false alarms. This is very reassuring knowing when the alarm is set, it will only go off because someone is trying to break in rather than a birthday balloon or something else.
– Jeff Morris, Manager

Monster Fuses

With our Sonitrol system and the ability to listen and verify an alarm activation, we have not had a single false alarm in three years! We enjoy the peace of mind that our Sonitrol system brings us.
– Jim Clippardc

Russell Valentine, Dentist

The most important part of that investigation was the audio tape taken at Sonitrol. In it, the thieves called each other by name and you could hear them step by step as they rifled through the house…Your tape was used in the prosecution and they were brought to justice.
– Russell S. Valentine

Nova Oil

I wanted to take the time to express how thankful I am for Sonitrol Pacific. We have been plagued by what we think is the same person trying to break in over and over again for the past few years. Try as he might he has been unable to foil the Sonitrol Pacific team.
– Paul Johnson, Manager

Check Masters

The fast response by Sonitrol Pacific and the police lead to the apprehension of one of the burglars as he was fleeing the scene…No entry was gained, nothing was stolen, and we didn’t have to close the store to replace merchandise or make repairs.
– Amy Davis, Controller

Marysville School District No. 25

Here at the Marysville School District we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our students, faculty and staff…We have used Sonitrol Pacific as a security vendor for over 15 years. Our experience with your company is that Sonitrol is willing to work with us to reduce false alarms.
– Keith Stefanson, Maintenance Supervisor

Johnson Floral Co.

We learned from the police that while they are sometimes hesitant when other “motion activated” alarm sounds, they always can count on Sonitrol being a true break-in as they hear what is going on in the business…we wanted to go with a Company we knew and trusted.
– Linda S. Eisele, Owner

Goldmasters Precious Metals

Gold Masters Precious Metals has been a customer and a fan of the Sonitrol Pacific team or over 30 years!…Whenever we have a security question, concern or problem, Sonitrol Pacific has the answer and the solution.
– David O. Bergman


Thank you, Sonitrol Pacific , for the diligence it takes at the monitoring stations to keep on top of all of the clients who trust them for their work, not only noting breaks in the alarmed entries but actually listening to what the audio sensors were recording.
– Richard T. Yoshikawa, General Manager

Summit Cardiology

Access control has completely eliminated the need for me to give out keys…Along with no longer needing to re-key, the tracking capability that Sonitrol Pacific’s system gives me is great. Sonitrol provides a secure tracking of the coded entrance reflecting the use of any key at any time of the day.
– Sara Pollard, Clinic Administrator

Open Door Baptist Church

Thanks to their fast response, the police caught the guy inside our sanctuary. Nothing was damaged or taken because of Sonitrol Pacific. I know I can trust them to protect our church and I highly recommend Sonitrol Pacific to any organization or business owner.
– Kurt Kennedy, Assistant Pastor

Office Max

Over the course of my retail career I have managed twenty-seven stores for four different companies…The personalized level of service that Sonitrol Pacific delivers is far and above any of their competitors. Thanks again for the prompt, courteous, and professional service.
– Jon Schlimgen, Store Manager

American Pawnbrokers

Wow, what a difference…There is a willingness to get me taken care of quickly. I am designing a larger building to move our Pawn Store into and you can bet we will be using Sonitrol Pacific . I will not waste my time, I want the best.
– Mike Bowerman, President

Madrona Plaza

We get to see the difference between an outstanding service company and a conventional alarm system on a daily basis…and the quality of service by Sonitrol is far superior to the other system.
– Christine Bender, Manager

Medical Office

We had a break in on Nov 3rd very early in the morning…Your operator was able to hear everything that was going on inside and sent police right away and handled the situation tremendously…Sonitrol has truly been one of the most worthwhile investments in our business and we are glad to recommend them to anyone looking for real protection!
– Bobbie Pennington, Office Manager, Everett Ear

Azteca Mexican Restaurant

Sonitrol Pacific’s operators immediately dispatched the Seattle Police department on a verified alarm. The police responded in only four minutes and arrested the guy. I highly recommend Sonitrol Pacific to anyone who wants a security company that delivers real value and conducts business with integrity.

Federal Army & Navy Surplus, Inc.

In addition to Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system, they have also provided us with excellent service through-out the years. When things break, they simply come and fix them…Sonitrol Pacific has really delivered on what they have promised. If you’re looking for a security system that really works and a company that stands behind their product, we would highly recommend Sonitrol Pacific.
– Henry Schaloum, President

Northwest Regional Council

Once we all got past our initial jitters with having to arm and disarm the system, it has operated very smoothly. Your assistance during the initial install and training was very helpful, and we’re pleased that you continue to stay in touch. The folks in the data control center are great.
– Pat Atkinson, Deputy Director

Evergreen Treatment

Someone from Sonitrol Pacific contacts me regularly to make sure our security is up-to-date and working correctly and they are prompt to send out a service technician when things need repair or updating. Their attention to detail allows me peace of mind about the security of my buildings.
– Ron Jackson, Executive Director

White Salmon Valley School District

We had experienced security issues at our high school in particular, and after receiving a recommendation from another school district to check out Sonitrol Pacific, we installed their audio intrusion system. This system offers a unique technology that allows for verification of alarm situations, which enables us to keep false alarms to a minimum and also get a timely police response in hopes of catching criminals and saving our district money.
– Dale Palmer, Superintendent

Adidas - Edmonton

The officer advised that they always respond promptly to Sonitrol Pacific’s calls for service as you are verified and have very few false alarms. What a partnership in reducing crime. Sonitrol Pacific and Edmonton Police, please pass my thank-you along to both.
– AJ Pederson

Mt. Si Golf and Pro Shop

I would recommend installing a Sonitrol system because they provide a wonderful security system coupled with great customer service. It has been a great benefit to our company to have them as our business partner.
– Matt Campbell, General Manager