Sonitrol Pacific Audio Intrusion Systems Lead to Four Apprehensions in One Week

Audio verification security solutions allow Sonitrol operators to dispatch police within minutes of detection

SEATTLE, Wash. (December 20, 2012)Sonitrol Pacific, a verified electronic security company, announced four successful apprehensions in the nonprofit and business sectors this week, thanks to verified audio intrusion systems and quick response from local police dispatched to the scene.

On Dec. 13, Sonitrol Pacific Verification Center Operator Denise Smith dispatched police to a public health clinic in Everett, Wash. after receiving alarms from a panic button at the reception area. Using the building’s security system audio panel, Smith confirmed loud voices coming from the clinic, leading to an arrest of the suspect within minutes of the initial alarm.

On Dec. 16, Operator Mike Young detected audio and motion alarm activity at a nonprofit organization in Seattle. Young heard faint banging from the building’s exterior, followed by sounds of movement and rummaging. Seattle Police arrived and caught the suspect, who had removed a window to gain access and damaged the interior of the building, as he was attempting to flee.

On Dec. 18, two more apprehensions were made within 30 minutes of each other, with the aid of audio verification security systems. Early in the morning, Operator Jessica Culver received audio of breaking glass, crashing and banging from the back area of a Portland advertising agency. Culver dispatched Portland Police, who arrived to find the suspect with a computer in his hand and took him into custody. This was the third break in at the agency, with the first two thefts totaling $80,000 in losses, before Sonitrol Pacific designed and installed a custom security solution for the space.

Shortly after the alarm in Portland, Sonitrol Operator Kris Etheridge received audio of clattering noises and movement at Bill’s Blueprint in Everett—a long-standing Sonitrol customer. Motion activations then verified that there had been a forced entry into the building and the person was still inside. When local police and K-9 units arrived, the suspect was found hiding in the bathroom.

In the wake of recent tragic events, now more than ever, organizations and businesses are reevaluating the benefits of immediate response to emergency situations. Since 1978, Sonitrol Pacific has offered complete security solutions for businesses, schools, government facilities and homes in the Northwest.

About Sonitrol Pacific

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